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Walters is out of 'View' for the month

By admin / Published on Wednesday, 11 May 2016 12:44 PM / No Comments / 439 views

Oh, Babs!

Barbara Walters called in to “The View” today to say she is recovering from both chicken pox and a severe concussion and will remain off the air for the rest of the month — on doctors’ orders.

“Hello, my darlings — I miss you!” Walters, 83, said on the phone broadcast late Wednesday morning.

Walters added that “I’m not itching away.”

The veteran newswoman was hospitalized for 10 days in Washington, D.C., after the inauguration weekend injury and needed six stitches in her head.

Walters explained that she was running a high fever when she fell during a party at the British ambassador’s house.

Although there were reports that she’d slipped and fallen on the steps outside the embassy, she had actually fainted, Walters said.

“If you’re going to faint, it’s an elegant place to faint,” Walters noted.

Her absence from the show couldn’t come at a more crucial time — sweeps month.

Walters was unexpectedly diagnosed with chicken pox when she was brought to the hospital to have the head wound treated.

She believes she got chicken pox, which is mostly associated with childhood, after coming into contact with someone who had shingles. Shingles is linked to chicken pox, but can afflict only people who have already suffered chicken pox.

Chicken pox is far more dangerous for adults than it is for children.

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