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‘Unfollow’ is survival comic in age of social media: review

By / Published on Wednesday, 18 Nov 2015 23:38 PM / No Comments / 47 views
"Unfollow" has a familiar plot so far, but the Twitter-esque focus could make it stand out.Vertigo Comics

“Unfollow” has a familiar plot so far, but the Twitter-esque focus could make it stand out.

Vertigo’s new comic is worth following for now, but I can’t say I heart it just yet.

From the very first pages of “Unfollow,” we see a masked man chasing down a would-be successful hacker, setting the themes of what this series will inevitably be about — greed and survival in the age of social media.

The creator of Chirper, a Twitter-esque app, has decided to give 140 people $ 120 million each and we meet four of them. They’re a diverse cast: a streetwise kid from St. Louis, a suicidal international reporter, a thrill-seeking trust fund baby with daddy issues, and a religious fanatic with a gun collection.

We find each of them at apparently crucial moments of their lives and sometimes with the number of Chirper followers hanging overhead. It’s obvious that those numbers are going to matter just as these 140 winners are stepping into a “Hunger Games” or “Battle Royale” type of situation in the near future.

With Chirper founder describing this social experiment as “implementing my vision,” it practically translates to my ears to “Let’s see people kill each other like animals.”

It’s a basic plot so far with familiar character types from many survival thrillers but the interesting thing about this comic is the promise of significant focus on social media.


However, other than notifying the winners of their prize, the Twitter-inspired app hasn’t been used for much and explored enough.

It is too early to tell if it is merely a gimmick or if it will be an interesting commentary on humanity’s connectedness.

You and I will just have to keep following to find out. 

“Unfollow #1” is out now from Vertigo Comics.

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