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Kendrick Lamar crashes wedding, gets yelled at by guest

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Rapper Kendrick Lamar crashed an Ohio wedding — then received some serious “Poetic Justice” when a fuming attendee tried to kick him out.

The 28-year-old artist moseys out to the center of the dance floor soon after arriving unannounced to the party last month, as seen in a video obtained by TMZ.

But not long after he began busting a move, Lamar and his crew are confronted by one of the wedding’s guests who clearly doesn’t recognize the rapper.

“Are you guys supposed to be in this party?” the man heatedly asks. “Who got married?”

The unidentified man only got angrier as the wedding crashers dismissed his question and Lamar continued dancing.

Kendrick Lamar was confronted by an angry guest at a wedding that he crashed in Columbus, Ohio.Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Kendrick Lamar was confronted by an angry guest at a wedding that he crashed in Columbus, Ohio.

“Get the f— out!” he yelled. “I’m talking to you!”

Lamar performed in Columbus on Oct. 24, but it’s unclear why he and his friends were at the hotel that was hosting the wedding reception. It was pretty obvious, however, that they had no idea who the bride and groom were.

The conflict between Lamar’s posse and the steaming guest was resolved later in the night when another guest recognized the rapper, according to TMZ.

This isn’t the first time a popular artist has surprised people at a Columbus wedding event. In April 2014, Taylor Swift showed up at a fan’s bridal shower in the Buckeye City, although the bride later said she had sent an invitation to the “Shake It Off” singer.

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